Curriculum & Degree Requirements

The strength of the MEM Program is its multidisciplinary approach, merging the basics of engineering management principles with advanced quantitative and behavioural science approaches. The MEM program requires a total of 30 credit hours, including 24 credit hours of course work and six credit hours of research. The 24 credit hours of course work include 18 credit hours from the core courses and six credit hours of elective courses.  At least six core courses are required to earn a Master of Engineering Management degree. A student also needs to study the course Technical Writing and Research Methodology for two credit hours and his coursework.

Road Map

The MEM program is divided into four semesters. Students are expected to complete the required course work in the first three semesters by choosing core courses and appropriate elective courses considering their specialities’. In the fourth semester, students may opt to undertake research work in the areas of their specialization.

Course Timetable

The proposed schedule is provided below. The scheduling is subject to change based on the number of students enrolled in any course. Students are expected to ensure their attendance on the first day of the MEM Course.

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