Question: Do I need to submit NTS or PTS scores if I apply for admission?

Answer: Yes

Question: What are the admissions deadlines?

Answer: The UEAS Swat will give admissions deadlines once it is advertised.

Question: What is the cost of tuition?


The tuition fee is Rs. 6000 per credit hour for  2020-21. If students take three courses per semester, and each course is three credit hours, they will be charged by the semester rate of Rs. 54000 for courses.

Other than the tuition fee, the admission fee will be Rs. 5000 (first time only), Refundable security will be Rs. 5000, and Rs. 2000 as a registration fee for each semester. A student’s total cost will depend on the number of courses taken per semester and the number of semesters you require to complete the degree.

Students who plan to live off-campus should anticipate the monthly cost of living expenses of Rs. 10000 to 15000.

Depending on the length of stay in the program, the total cost of the MEM degree, including living expenses, will be anywhere between Rs. 330000 Rs. 400000, depending on the student’s needs.

Question: Are grants or teaching assistantships available?


MEM does not currently offer any grants or teaching assistantships. Opportunities to be a Teaching Assistant or “grader” for a class come up on rare occasions but are not guaranteed.

Question: Can I take any course in any order?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can I transfer credits from another institution?

If approved and applicable, you may be able to transfer up to two elective courses from a previous or current institution to count towards your MEM degree.

Question: Does this program have an online option?

No, the UEAS Swat MEM program is not offered online. 

Question: Can someone assess my potential to get accepted before I submit an application?

No, only the admissions committee can make that decision. The admissions committee looks at all aspects of a submitted and completed application in order to determine if an applicant is eligible to be admitted into the program. No other short-cut or administrative professional at MEM can give you any insight.

Question: Can I submit application materials after the deadline?

Answer: Submission of all application materials are mandatory before the deadline.

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