In the MEM program, the students are experienced professionals and engineers who pursue engineering management degrees. By keeping in view, the diverse background and technical know-how in engineering, economics, project management, financial studies, and technical support, the students are expected to seek projects from the following main categories:

  1. Business process re-engineering (BPR)
  2. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  3. Manufacturing resource planning (MRP)
  4. Project technical and financial feasibility analysis
  5. Product reliability analysis
  6. Environmental impacts and management of mega projects
  7. Project conflict management
  8. Managerial perspective in public and sector organizations
  9. UEAS SWAT is open to accepting any project from external partners. In addition, the university would appreciate it if you would like to propose any project to our students.

Letter to Industry and Enrolled Student’s Curriculum Vitae For Industrial Projects

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